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We only consider our job
a success when our client´s
expectations are exceeded

Stuck Pipe Prevention and Hole Cleaning in 2 days without leaving you office and reduce downtime

Deepwater Drilling Design and Operation Course in 5 days without leaving you office

Introduction to Drilling for Drilling and Non Drilling People

Understand Shalegas How and Why, in Danish and English

Integration test

Training Course, inhouse, offshore or any location of you choise


Drillconsult just dont provide a course with a lot of information.

Drillconsult elevates the knowledge of each individual student to a new and higher level sa well as teaches how to apply this knowledge in the operation, in order to create a more safe and efficient operation.
Drillconsult courses, ranges from Introduction Courses for non drilling people to advance courses for specialist within the industry.
Not two courses are similar as the courses are constantly developed and tailor to your specific needs in order to meet your demands. Read more >>


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Best drilling course ever attended, efficient and enthusiastic training. Will recomend Drillconsult's drilling course.
Jim Petterson, Private booker
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