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About Drillconsult

Søren Weiss HartmannDrillconsult is an oilfield service company that operates internationally and has gained major experiences from the North Sea to South East Asian supervising operations, providing engineering support as well as setting up drilling offices and bases facilities. As the company expanced the company name was changed from Hartmann Drill Tech to Drillconsult. Hartmann Drill Tech was established in 1994 and later acquired OEE as part of the expantion.

Training and Courses

Drillconsult have for more than 10 years provided drilling and offshore courses, internationally and the course program is still expanding to satify the constanct increasing need for highly professional training course.


The core business of Drillconsult is providing Drilling and Completion Supervision. Other disciplines are drilling engineering and coordination of drilling operations.

Both offshore and land operations as well as office based work from tendering to suspension or abandonment of the well, including setting up offices and supply bases

IT and Engineering

Training personnel in computer, IT and oilfield specific applications,

Drillconsult also provides software for daily use in the oilfield, custom made to suit the client requirements and are Microsoft certified in Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.

The engineering department designs and manufactures custom made tooling and instruments for use in the oilfield.

Please contact Drillconsult for further information.

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