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Courses & Training

Courses, Seminars and Workshops


Drillconsult provides a range of highly professional training courses for companies within the oil field as well as outside the oil field.

The courses are a short cut to gain valuable knowledge, general as well as specialist knowledge, in order to be able to provide a more efficient and safe operation, in the still increasing and demanding oilfield.

Not two courses are similar as the courses are constantly developed and tailored to meet your specific needs in order to meet your demands.

Attend our courses at your company's office and save money and valuable time on traveling and overnight hotels stays.

Certificates are provide after each course or workshop.



Learning method

The course combines a theoretical part with an interactive part, where feedback from the participant, motivates them to actively interact, sharing their experiences, knowledge and questions. Slides, animations and physical models, are use to explain the theory. The courses are constantly developed, based on the latest knowledge and technology in the oilfield.

We just don’t provide a courses with a lot of information.

We elevate the knowledge of each individual student to a higher level and teaches how to apply this knowledge in the operation, in order to create a more safe and efficient operation.

We are so confident about the quality and value of our courses, that we refund the course fee, should you not be 100 % satfisfied.

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