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Introduction to Well Control

Duration: 2 hr - 3 days
Introduction to Well Control

This is an introductory course, designed to give potential well control certification candidates an awareness well control theory, practices and equipment as a preparation prior to taking IWCF or Well Cap, Well Control Certificate. This course can be either combined surface and subsea or surface only.

Well control in off paramount importants for all operation involving offshore and land drilling as well as all other operation involving contact with the reservoir.


The course is intended for individuals who are new to the oil industry, less experienced offshore worker and those who want more knowledge about well control in general.


The course will give you unique knowledge about Well control, the equipment and procedures.

The course will teach you about:

  • Well control event impacts.
  • Barriers and hyfrostatic.
  • Primary and Secondary well control.
  • Risk management.
  • Basic calculations.
  • Normal and abnormal formation pressures
  • Surging & swabbing
  • Causes & warnings signs of kicks
  • Tripping and the trip tank
  • System pressure losses
  • Equivalent circulating densities
  • Leak-off tests and Formation Intergy Test
  • Equivalent mud weights
  • Maximum mud weights
  • Shut in procedures
  • Influx migration
  • Casing & cementing
  • Kick sheets
  • Well control equipment.
Course Pre-Qualification: None necessary.
Location: At clients location or Drillconsult headquarter in Copenhagen or Esbjerg.

Please contact Drillconsult for further information.

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