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Software Programs:

Wellview Help Files

Help files for the Drilling reporting program Wellview, these files will allow the user to enter data quicker and more efficient and hence save time and eliminate many errors. Usually 30 minutes are saved on a daily basis.

Performance Database

The performance database is a unique data program that will import all recorded data during the operation, regardless the format, size or quality. The program allows the user to import old data as well as real time data. The set is done with few click and can easily be set up by the user.

Through quires set up by the use the Performance Database find and show where time can be save, and hence optimise the operation.

Material and Waste Management

The Material and Waste Management program is a powerful tool, that not only to keep track of all container, contains and location but also each individual item inside the container as well as loose equipment.

The Material and Waste Management program also allow the user to print out inventories, manifests as well as hazards cargo forms.

5 Day Planner

The 5 Day Planner is a useful and simple tool to manage your resources during the drilling operation. Each phase of the operation is displayed and personnel movement and equipment transport are tied into the operation. This will give the user a full overview of the resource and requirements during the operation.

Custom made application

Drillconsult have a number of highly qualified and experienced programmers that can tailor make any software application your operation may require.

The majority of Drillconsults programmers have experience from the oilfield which allows Drillconsult to deliver a high quality program that suits the costumer needs, in the shortest possible time.

Please contact Drillconsult for further information.

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