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Stuck Pipe Prevention

Duration: 2 hr - 2 days
How to drill a well

The course focuses on the importantce of observation of the well bore and string behaviour and communication of any trend changes observede.

The course will provide the participant with knowledge of the various sticking mechanisms and root causes for stuck pipe as well as how to prevent ending up in a stuck situation.

Thru exercises on the stuck pipe simulator the participant, will not only gain a better understanding of how to operate the jar and accelerator, but also be able to see the internal function of the jar and accelerator while being operated.


The course is intended for individuals who are new to the oil industry, drill crew and personnel involded in the drilling operation.


The course will give you unique knowledge and understanding about how to prevent stuck pipe, freeing stuck pipe and the stuck pipe mechanism.

The course will teach you about:

  • Stuck pipe prevention philosophy.
  • Hole cleaning in various well shapes.
  • Wellbore stability.
  • Sticking mechanism.
  • Jars and Accelerator operation and mechanism.
  • Good drilling and tripping practice.
  • Flow check and connection practice.
  • Jar calculation.
  • Safety during jar operation.
Course Pre-Qualification: None necessary.
Location: At clients location or Drillconsult headquarter in Copenhagen or Esbjerg.

Prior to each session, a questionnaire can be provided in order to adapt the session to suit the interest of the audience. Courses and presentations can be performed in either English or Danish, day or evening.

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